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Game Changers Cameroon

Here’s why we need to Save the Earth

Who We Are

Game Changers is a Cameroonian youth-led movement that exists to champion environmental awareness and advocacy on the fight against climate change. We do this by mobilizing businesses to make bold concrete commitments towards a zero-emission future, training journalists to use the power of the media to tell environmental science stories(inform and educate), and carrying out community awareness campaigns like tree planting and waste recycling.  


Drive advocacy for an environmentally sustainable Cameroon!


A green and clean Cameroon!

What We Do

Our environment is depleting. Climate change is one of the most concerning crisis of our time. Everyone has a role to play in addressing this challenge. Here is what we do at our sphere of influence.

Tree Planting

Waste Collection

Waste Recycling

Capacity Building

Climate Advocacy

Our Impact

Be Different. Take Action!

300 Climate Commitments

200 Volunteers

1000 people Empowered

20 Environmental Awareness Events


Beryl in front of her school

Kiyam Beryl, Katholic University of Leuven – Belgium

I joined game changers over ago, at a time when I need to find some sort of purpose. Becoming part of a young and dynamic team, passionate about the environment was one thing I needed at the moment. I saw game changers as a place where I could give back to my community through service. Since I joined the team, it’s been a plethora of experiences. On one hand, It’s been a blend of joy and satisfaction, but on the other hand, it’s been pity and disappointment at the lack of empathy, neglect and misuse of environment.Nevertheless, participating in workshops, clean up activities and community service amongst others has still been very satisfying. Also, communicating towards raising awareness, influencing behavior change and promoting best practices have been my most important highlights as a game changer. Being a game changer deepened my interest in sustainability and gave me the push I needed not to relent, but continue my studies in the field. Today, I’m studying sustainable development, gaining more skills and getting ready to contribute to a more sustainable world

Mohamed in front of his school

Mohamed Moumie, Harvard University

I have had the opportunity to engage in a number of cleanup campaigns, tree planting activities, sensitization and awareness raising events which have not only enabled me to share my knowledge with others, but has also helped me to discover what am truly passionate about.
Today, I am getting ready to start a journey at Harvard (“The Big H”), where I will be studying what I like; Computer and Environmental Sciences. Hoping to one day be able to help my community to address its most pressing environmental ISsues.
Thank you Game Changers for making this possible. I will forever be grateful.

1 have always been considered and looked upon as a strange person; my peers couldn’t point out what seemingly was not right with me. After every bite, I will turn to my school bag or uniform to dispose of my trash whenever am not able to locate a nearby trash can. Until I joined Game Changers, | never knew that this unconscious act was building and preparing me for what I now call “my second passion”
– Environmental Sustainability.
Joining Game Changers has been a huge breakthrough for me, as it enabled me to understand what I wanted to do in college.
My thoughts gradually evolved from using my school bag and uniform as bins to being able to use the knowledge I would have acquired to address some of the human behaviors and other happenings which threatened environmental sustainability in our communities. At Game Changers, I saw my passion to help my community rekindled and my path towards environmental sustainability enlightened.


Localising the UN Climate Change Conference in Cameroon


Our Team

Patu Ndango Fen

Co-Founder & Vice President

Beverly Ndifoin

Co-Founder & President

Rodrigue Birka

Projects Coordinator

Bernadine Nebah

Operations Officer

Kevin Njobe

Projects Officer

Valery Osang

Logistics Manager

Erika Asen

Ass. Logistics Manager

Beryl Kiyam

Content Manager

Our Partners


How do I join Game Changers as a volunteer?

Send an email to gamechangersrz@gmail.com stating your interest to Join our multidisciplinary pool of 200+ volunteers to champion climate action

How do I partner with Game Changers?

We’re open to more partnerships for wider climate action. Reach out via

Where is Game Changers located?

We are based in Yaounde, Center region of Cameroon. Our activities
span across other regions

How do I make suggestions?

We’re open to novel ideas and suggestions on how to accelerate the
race to zero and attain climate justice. Share your thoughts via

Are you an individual or organisation concerned about climate change?

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